1966 Studied under Prof. AKIKO KODERA
1970 Exposition Individual at Gallery Wakao,Tokyo
1980 Exposition Individual at Gallery Shinjyu,Tokyo
1981 " Cristal in the night" Series
1984 "Gray "Series
Exposition Individual at Gallery Shinjyu,Tokyo
1987 First visited Spain
1988 Start stay in Madrid.
Exposicion Individual en la Galeria Svax,Tokyo
Copied in The National Museum Prado: Bodegon of Zurbaran,Menippo of Velasquez, Josefina of Goya
1989 Start to Reproduce about The Garden of Dilights of Hironienus Bosch
1994 Finished to Reproduce The Garden of Dilights.
1997 Exposition Individual"Encounted with Bosh" at room of Goya,,Circulo de Bellas Artes,Madrid
Colaboration of Embassy of Japan in Spain.
1998 Exposition Individual "Visible and Invisible" at Museum of National University of Alcala
1999 Exposition Individual"The Forest of the Gods" , at Empress Michiko Room in the Japa-Spain Culture Center.
Sponsored by the Japan-Spain Cultural Center with
the cooperation of the University of Salamancaand the support of the Embassy of Japan.
2000 Exposition Individual"Encouter and Conversations with Bosch" at Room- A and Room- E
at The Tokyo International Forum.Colaboration of Embassy of Spain in Japan.
2004 Exposition Individual"Dream of Usuzumi" at Museum of Forest of Noritake,Nagoya
Colaboration of Embassy of Spain in Japan and Chyuunichi News Paper Ltd.
2007 Exposition Selective at "Gallery Amparo Gamiere" in Madrid.
2009 Exposition Individual "Light and obscurity diaphanous" at "Maison de la culuture du Japon à Paris"
2009 Traveling Exposition Individual in Nagoya(Gallery Nagoya), Tokyo, Osama(Gallery Umeda)
2010 Joint Exposition "SOUND NOW SOUND" at "Gallery Shengling" in Shanhai